Ceramic Tweezers

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Vetus Ceramic Tipped Tweezer

The Ceramic Tipped Stainless Steel Tweezers by Vetus are a must have for any vapor who builds their own coils. These high precision Swiss quality tweezers feature anti-magnetic, non-conductive ceramic tips which are great at handling high heat. These tweezers are also anti-acid and anti-corrosive. This all ensures a longer lifespan when compared to similar all stainless steel tweezers. The flat even shape of the ceramic tips makes The Ceramic Tipped Stainless Steel Tweezers perfect for shaping and positioning your coils for nice evenly heating builds. Although quite durable for safety's sake please use caution do not use excessive force when using The Ceramic Tipped Stainless Steel Vetus Tweezers on heated items to avoid the possibility of the tips cracking.