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Gods of Egypt Baset Eliquid


Be taken away to a place so very long ago and learn about all of the mystical legends that makes it so unique and wonderful. Once you take an inhale of this delicious blend, you will be inspired by this land that has such a rich, deep culture and incredible history that brings some of the top archeologists and scientists in the world to it. Take some time and learn about the secrets of the ancient Egyptians whose skills and inventions were at times far above anything else we have come to develop even today. Baset by Gods Of Egypt E Liquid is the perfect juice to bring along with you for a day spent trudging through the hot desert sand in search of your next exploration, so fresh, light and packed with vibrant flavor that you will think you've just found an oasis. Hand picked, perfectly ripened strawberries come together with juicy, succulent watermelon and a hint of cooling mint to make a juice that has the perfect amount of flavor and sweetness while still staying natural tasting and pure. Baset is the name of the goddess of cats, she is a fierce protector who is thought to have been in charge of defending the pharaoh and her father is Ra the sun god. Keeping the pharaoh safe from harm was probably very hard work and you would definitely need a bright, awakening vape juice blend to help keep you on your toes. That's why this delicious vape juice blend was made to have such an invigorating and light taste that's perfect for getting you through long days with a smile still spread across your face.


VG/PG 70/30